New Dawn Drug Consulting - About Us

Drugs are all too prevalent in today’s society. Statistically, everyone is linked to a victim of drugs. It may be a relative, friend or employee, casual use or abuse, prescription or illegal; but we all probably know someone. A more frightening scenario is that it may be occurring in your home or business unknowingly. Bottomline, this all too common plague destroys family structure and places an undue burden on local business.

I am Jacqueline Fallon, President of New Dawn Drug Consulting based in Manassas, VA. New Dawn is a friend in the fight against drugs with an aggressive multi-faceted approach that attacks with necessary resources needed to successfully defeat drugs and their negative effects on society. Our business strategy was designed by creating a simple two pronged and well organized mission statement.

Objective 1: Prevent social instability caused by abuse and stabilize society where already affected in a manner which provides family oriented opportunities and family centric solutions. As the matriarch of a large blended family, I understand the obstacles that challenge today’s youth and the dynamic complexities which hinder a family’s response to those challenges. The sole purpose of this objective is to enable families to outsmart and counteract drugs, period. New Dawn will dutifully fight alongside all families, our schools, and local government from onset (detection) to mission completion (drug free). This “cradle to grave” approach is designed to reconstitute normalcy into the daily lives of those affected.

Objective 2: Promote the social reputation, prevent profit loss and provide assistance to local businesses in an effort to strengthen the community while simultaneously protecting the business owner. Every year in the United States millions of dollars are lost by small businesses due to drugs. In most cases, it is financially advantageous for a business to manage a drug program. The drug program also enables members of the community to manage public reputation and expectation. The primary purpose of this objective is to improve production (output), effectiveness (safety from liability), and efficiency (cost savings) in the business community. New Dawn will, without hesitation or reservation, form a plan of action with any member of the business community that will ultimately “bridge the gap” from a tailored drug program to an increased profit margin.

Simply put, our success is ensuring yours whether it is personally or professionally. We do this by providing and administering drug tests that range from urinalysis to saliva to hair follicle to DNA paternity testing. Your privacy, confidentiality, and status will always be of the upmost importance to New Dawn.

In closing, I want to reiterate the importance of a positive sense of family and community. They are the “heart and backbone” that enables individual success. I want to experience this success together and I look forward to growing the New Dawn family with you. Please browse our website for detailed information of the services we provide. I look forward to serving you and always feel free to call my office anytime at (703) 369-2199, toll free at 1-855-693-3296 or e-mail at


Jacqueline L. Fallon
President, NDDC