Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Testing  

A breath alcohol test is an estimate of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The test measures the amount of alcohol in the air that you breathe out (exhale).

Within minutes of drinking alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration starts to rise. Unlike food, alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach, then into the bloodstream, and travels throughout your body and to your brain. This allows blood alcohol levels to increase rapidly.

The amount of alcohol in your blood reaches its highest level about one hour after drinking. Food in your stomach may increase the amount of time it takes for the blood alcohol to reach its highest level. Most of the alcohol is broken down in the liver and the rest of it is passed out of your body in urine and your exhaled breath.

New Dawn has an extensive outreach program that works with several local communities. New Dawn works closely with Local church groups, youth groups, diversion programs and other organizations in their efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our youth. It is our mission to help fight the expanding drug problem that plagues our communities, our schools and our homes.   

Why It Is Done

  • The breath alcohol test is used to estimate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The results can help you decide whether it is safe to drive. This estimate of blood alcohol is not intended to represent your actual driving abilities. Your driving may be impaired even with a low BAC level, such as below 0.05.
  • The breath alcohol test offers one piece of information to help you make a safe decision about drinking and driving. The safest and best decision is always not to drive if you have been drinking.
  • BAC is commonly used by police and other legal authorities to determine whether a person is legally impaired and should not drive. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) 0.08 or greater is considered legally impaired for an adult in the United States. But the legal BAC limit for people under age 18 may be lower, such as 0.02.

Support Services

New Dawn can also assist if more resources are needed. We are committed to helping our community and the families within it. We understand that in a time of crisis it can seem impossible to know where to go, who to call or even where to start. That is why NDDC will facilitate it all for you; we will find the best facility that meets the needs of your loved one.

We remove the stress so that your sole focus is recovery. New Dawn has partnered up with many rehabilitation facilities, therapists, and counselors across the United States that are as committed to helping communities and families as we are.

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