In-Home Drug Testing Program

In- Home Drug Testing  
If you are concerned that your child or a loved one might be using drugs, you may be right.  New Dawn Drug Consulting has developed an easy to use home drug testing program for anyone to use within the comfort and privacy of their own home. With this program, parents will be able to determine whether or not their child or loved one may be using drugs all testing materials are shipped to your home with discreet packaging. Completely confidential!

New Dawn has an extensive outreach program that works with several local communities. New Dawn works closely with Local church groups, youth groups, diversion programs and other organizations in their efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our youth. It is our mission to help fight the expanding drug problem that plagues our communities, our schools and our homes.   

Our In-Home Program Includes:

  • 1 Instant On-Site Drug Test which detects the 10 most commonly used drugs
  • 1 Instant Alcohol Test (saliva based w/ results in 2 minutes)
  • 1 Instant Nicotine Test
  • Training materials which educate parents on the types of drugs teens are using, signs of substance abuse and their long term effects
  • A list of local resources that can help if your teen tests positive for any drug (Rehab centers, therapists, counselors and addiction specialists)
  • Family Pledge (Written agreement between parents and child)
  • Laboratory confirmation available for any positive test

Support Services

New Dawn can also assist if more resources are needed. We are committed to helping our community and the families within it. We understand that in a time of crisis it can seem impossible to know where to go, who to call or even where to start. That is why NDDC will facilitate it all for you; we will find the best facility that meets the needs of your loved one.

We remove the stress so that your sole focus is recovery. New Dawn has partnered up with many rehabilitation facilities, therapists, and counselors across the United States that are as committed to helping communities and families as we are.

For more information on our programs and all other resources please call us at:

Toll Free (855) 693-3296
Our Office (703) 369-2199
From our Family to yours,
Jacqueline L. Fallon, President NDDC